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The cable has gray and white fur, different eyes are blue and brown Husky dog lying in the snow. My Modern Met - Meet SeQuoi Tenk (or Quoi for short), the incredibly beautiful, chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. It’s also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site. For your information, Husky has had predominantly blue eyes for a long time. Here are a number of dogs with blue eyes that will have you mesmerized. Loading ... Beautiful Blue And Brown Eyed Husky Plays At Dog Park - … My boyfriend just surprised me with this new puppy for our anniversary! She’s been thoroughly checked out. While, several huskies have eye issues as a lot of breeds. But for all you people with brown eyes out there, ... Beyoncé is the queen of music and Instagram and just happens to sport brown eyes. Sometimes blue eyes are an anomaly in a dog breed and sometimes it's the norm. ... Morgan has one blue eye and one that’s dark brown – an even rarer combination. Though just like their Husky cousins, Malamutes can also come with light blue eyes. Adopt Buster Brown a Boxer Husky. Instagram ; These puppies are from a husky mom and pomsky father ... she is soo soft and has amazing bright blue eyes! All in all, we think you’ll agree that the pair offers a unique appeal that sets them apart from other kids their age. They can also have brown eyes, one eye that is blue and one that is brown, or blue and brown coloring in both eyes. Share Coffee with One Blue and One Brown Eye Siberian Husky - 4K Samsung S7 Edge Indoor/Lowlight Wei Wang. This Rare Chocolate Brown Siberian Husky Is One of the Most Beautiful Dogs on Instagram Meet stunning SeQuoi Tenk (or Quoi for short), the incredibly beautiful, chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. siberian husky: right eye..His left eye..past 3 in the spots my siberian huskey was born with blue eyes, now he is 16 months old. "We’ve taken her to the vet. 10 points. Handsome husky masked boy with brown eyes. Some people just assume that African-American adults with blue eyes are wearing colored contacts – but they can be born with a rare gene that colors their eyes blue. Yes we have the most beautiful litter of Siberian husky puppies that are looking for thier new homes !! He could be mistaken for a wild wolf—with his piercing blue eyes and unusual coloring—but he’s 100% Siberian Husky. reply. The Trueblue Twins’ mother Stephanie was also born with blue eyes and, according to her, she doesn’t wear colored contacts. Overall, its totally beautiful and cute. His wolf-like appearance suits his nomadic lifestyle, though. The Pomsky is becoming a popular breed as they are a designer dog that is mix of a Siberian Husky and Pomeranian. Final score: 119 points. There are people that claim Alaskan Malamutes with blue eyes aren’t real purebred Alaskan Malamutes. The dog has a very rare chocolate brown color and has bright blue eyes. Color is typically blue or brown (green & amber possible). Brown is the most common eye color for dogs, but many Siberian Huskies have striking blue eyes. Jubilee has a congenital issue with her eyelids, giving her pale blue peepers a permanent, cartoonish look of surprise. Meet my bad boy, Zorro. Im might be getting a 3 month old siberian husky. We have all the colors and both genders. View More Replies... View more comments #2 . I started a @TikTok account for my pets. Husky masked blue eyed GIRL. I was imagining, training it and when it stares at me, it would be weird cause the brown eye makes it look like it's half blind. We have some puppies with brown eyes and some with blue and some with 1 of each , these beautiful puppies have been seen by the veteran and have recieved thier first set of shots and deworming, and they each go home with their own health record stateing so . He could be mistaken for a wild wolf—with his piercing blue eyes and unusual coloring—but he’s 100% Siberian Husky. Does anyone else find that it makes the dog look less attractive if one is brown and one is blue? Report. My 12 year old Siberian Husky Cody wanting to go for a walk As with coat color, all colors and color combinations are acceptable, no color should be given preference in the show ring. She is so adorable with beautiful baby blue eyes! Studies have shown that blue eyed huskies have less opportunity to have issues than brown eyed huskies. The color of their eyes is controlled by a rare gene that few dog breeds are believed to have. Some breeders even have seen that they are using merles to get blue eyes and the merle gene can be dangerous. BORN NOV 24 she is ready to go home JAN 19. ... white female male ligh brown with all blue eye weeks old with shot paper Photos and contact info. Siberian Husky Eye Color Change. Blue: Brown: Bi-eyed (eyes are different solid colors) Parti or Split (eye includes two colors) Their mother and grandfather have two blue eyes, while one of their uncles and a great grand aunt had one blue and one brown eye. By Elvin Reed - February 5, 2018. Black and white Siberian husky with blue and brown eyes on a walk in winter park Portrait of Siberian Husky dog licking its lips. She is a Teacup Pomsky, a Pomeranian mixed with a Siberian Husky. The internet is obsessed with this rare Siberian Husky, and we totally get it! And no, this doesn’t mean any “defects” on your Husky, as it’s normal for their eyes to change. ... @lavieenverte. Did you know that your Husky puppy can change eye colors? In fact, some owners have even seen dogs with one blue and one brown eye. The raven haired beauty posted a selfie on her Instagram story on Wednesday, Nov. 6 with gorgeous blue eyes! Meet SeQuoi Tenk (or Quoi for short), the incredibly beautiful, chocolate-brown Siberian Husky. In addition to the splendid variety of coat colors available, Siberian Huskies may also have a variety of eye colors. Jun 21, 2018 - I want a red huskie puppy with blue eyes #siberianhuskyred So guess we have a match! "She was born this way, but she’s a happy, playful dog." Image of beautiful, brown, camera - 137065178. Husky Palace been breeding Blue eyed Huskies since 2005. His wolf-like appearance suits his nomadic lifestyle, though. Unlike most huskies that have a white, gray, or black coat, Quoi's fur is completely chocolate brown (with the exception of a tiny white spot on his chest), but he has those characteristic crystal clear blue husky eyes! Here’s My Handsome Brown Siberian Husky Who’s Traveling With Me Across The US In Search Of A New Home (30 Pics) ... Love the beautiful blue eyes. Beautiful Husky With Bright Blue Eyes Licking His Lips Stock Photo - Image of beautiful, brown: ... Beautiful husky with bright blue eyes looks at the camera. This adorable dog’s name is Quoi, he was named after a Sequoia tree. His right eye now has a brown top and blue bottom. Mature siberian husky on green grass background. 4500. No Price Listed. I had to Google the meaning of heterochromia. It said two eyes with different colors. It doesn’t infringe on any of her day-to-day activities," said the spokesperson. Behind blue eyes: the Instagram twins who went viral. It has one dark brown eye and one aqua blue eye. Blue eyes are pretty rare in most dog breeds (unless the doggy in question has the merle gene, which prevents pigment from fully developing in the eyes and coat), but many huskies are born with bright, blue peepers. The blue eyes of the twins were not out of the blue; they were handed down to them. Depth of color ranges from very light to very dark and/or mixed. Blue eyes and green eyes are gorgeous. People often mistake Tenk for a wolf, but in reality, he is 100 percent Siberian Husky. He’s currently traveling … Eye Color Siberian Huskies also feature a wide variety of eye color. So in love! Kylie — who has brown eyes naturally — appeared to be rocking a blue … The latter may appear abnormal, but according to an eye specialist, they are perfectly fine. Find brown Siberian Husky puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Instagram Video ... dogs—chief among them the Siberian husky—frequently wind up with blue eyes. Jan 31, 2018 - 1,088 Likes, 2 Comments - Dogs At Noon (@dogsatnoon) on Instagram: “The cutest little husky puppy ☺️” A rare husky that could be confused with a wolf charms people with his strikingly blue eyes (25+ pics): Huskies are most commonly found to be a mixture of white and gray, but this doesn’t apply to Quoi, a fully brown Siberian husky. Usually, they are born with blue eyes, but as they grow up, these eyes tend to change color, just like how their coats do. Pomsky Puppies have a soft, fluffy coat that includes a variety of colors and patterns. He could be mistaken for a wild wolf—with his piercing blue eyes and unusual coloring—but he’s 100% Siberian Husky. A Siberian husky that was surrendered to a New Jersey shelter because of "weird" eyes has been adopted after photos posted on Facebook went viral. Most Alaskan Malamutes tend to inherit dark amber brown eyes. Just in time for Christmas!!!! View Details. We also have bi-eyes and brown eyes puppies.

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